Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darr Family Reunion.

So, my weekend went pretty well. We Darrs had our annual Darr Family Reunion. And what Darr Family Reunion means for me, is chauffer. I get to give 20 kids under the age of 12 a ride on our many military vehicles. They delegate this job to me because I am a teacher and they assume I am great with kids. In all honest, I enjoy it.

The kids enjoy the tank (an APC-114) the best. Those things are louder than Dane Cook, I’m tellin’ ya! I have learned to do some mad brodies and doughnuts in it. I can get it rocking for sure. I also get to lead the Jeep caravan through the desert, which is really fun. Visiting with my family members, especially the older ones, is always the highlight of the weekend. I love their stories and hearing about my ancestors. They also tell me how good looking I am many times, which is always nice. I mean, they are right, but its nice to hear (no brag just fact, right?)

After the reunion was over, I went to visit my buddy Mike in Santa Clarita. There we partied and talked about the next movie we will be filming called “Bum Rush”, in which I play a bum….who gets killed. That’s right, another movie starring THE Dennis Darr.

Now, as I promised I am going to review the movie Appaloosa. Appaloosa stars Ed Harris, who also directed, Jeremy Irons, and Viggo Mortenson. Ed Harris is pretty boring, but Viggo Mortenson is the man…with or without Frodo. Jeremy Irons is also the shit. The story is pretty decent, and the movie is pretty entertaining. I would definitely rent it. WORD OF WARNING! Renee Zellweger is in this movie! This makes some scenes almost unbearable. WHY DOES SHE KEEP GETTING WORK??

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


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